Sean's Talks.


Trials & Temptation | James 1

Thirsty? | John 4

Each and every one of us have appetites of all different kinds.  Appetites for food.  Appetites for success. Appetites for acceptance. Appetites for love.  The problem is that our appetites are never fully and finally satisfied.  And when we seek satisfaction, happiness or stability in our appetites, we'll always be thirsty for more. And our desire for more can drive us to dangerous places.

What if God never intended for us to find satisfaction in our appetites?  What if we were always meant to find our joy somewhere else? 

What's in the Bottle? | Grace for Today

Where does radical faith come from?

Why do some people have a faith which radically transformers their life, and others have a faith which seems to be moving at just a crawl?  We see people of incredible faith in the Old and New Testament.  Throughout church history people have committed awe-inspiring acts of sacrifice.  We all know people who's faith can carry them through the hardest of times.

Where does that kind of faith come from?

How do we unleash God's grace in our lives on a daily basis?

Jesus is Better | Hebrews

Our natural tendency is to try and fix ourselves.  We think we need to change our behavior in order to earn our way back to God.  But the sin debt we owe is too great to ever repay.  We can't work our way back to God.

Jesus is God's plan for our restoration.  Jesus is the better bridge between God and man.