About Sean Chandler.

My name is Sean Chandler.

I’m a speaker, YouTuber, blogger, movie-lover and a pretty normal guy who wants to tell others about Jesus. For that reason I have spent over 10 years in student ministry.

I've been married to my wife since 2006.  We have two wonderful kids, and two overly excitable dogs all in our home in central Texas.

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Sean Chandler is available to speak to both teenagers and adults about a variety of subjects.


For Students

  • How to turn to God instead of temptations in times of trials (James 1 | 4 Talks)

  • Healthy friendships & authentic community

  • Finding our identity in Christ not culture

  • Dating, purity, marriage, and boundaries


For Adults

  • How secret sin destroys your potential

  • Finding your identity in Christ not culture

  • Marriage & family

  • Social media

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