My name is Sean Chandler.

I’m a speaker, YouTuber, blogger, movie-lover, and a pretty normal guy who wants to tell others about Jesus. For that reason, I have spent over 10 years in student ministry.

I've been married to my wife since 2006. We have two wonderful kids, and two overly excitable dogs, all in our home in central Texas.

Since you clicked on a link to learn about me, here is my story:

My Story.

I grew up in a broken home. My mother loved Jesus, and took my sister and I to church every Sunday. However, my father was an alcoholic who didn't share our belief system. This made for a very tumultuous childhood. When I was in middle school, my parents finally got divorced.

Like most teenagers struggling with their parents' divorce, I started to act out and isolate myself. The summer after my 7th grade year, I signed up for a student leadership retreat at my church. Looking back on life, I'm really not sure why I signed up. My best guess is that I only signed up because my sister did, and I didn't want to be viewed as the bad kid.

Whatever the reason I attend that event, it changed my life forever!

Since I grew up in church, I'd always known the facts of the Gospel. I was always aware that I was a sinner, and that Jesus was my Savior. However, I'd never placed my faith in Him, and chosen to follow Him. For the first time in my life, the Gospel stopped being information to remember, and became a message to embrace. That summer, I put my faith in Christ!

Shortly after I began high school, my father became very sick related to his abuse of alcohol, and he died when I was just 20 years old.  

This left me direction-less and confused at a pivotal time in my life.  

At this low point in my life, I turned to where I'd found hope, grace, and community before...church. Over the next two years, I slowly plugged further into the community, and God continued to grow me. Eventually, I found myself interning in the student ministry at my church and, suddenly, my future became clear. Through serving in student ministry, I felt my call to full-time ministry.  Shortly afterward, I headed off to Bible college.

From 2008 until 2016, I was the associate pastor (over student ministry) at a church in central Texas.


For many years, that's where my testimony essentially ended. I could tell you my latest ministry adventure, or what God was teaching me but, when it came to the major markers in my spiritual journey, that was my story.

Unfortunately, my story took a dark turn several years into my time as a student pastor.

During a stressful season of ministry filled with tragedy and heart-break, I turned to alcohol instead of Christ to get through the pain. What started as a coping mechanism soon drifted into a serious addiction. Fear of losing financial security and facing public shame led me to fight my addiction in secret.

But, sin grows in the dark, and so did my addiction.

In the Summer of 2016, I finally made the decision to go public with my struggle, resign from my position at the church, and pursue treatment.  

Now, having felt the shame of sin and tasted the sweetness of grace,  I have a renewed passion to spread the message of the power of The Gospel to defeat sin and empower us to do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine!

You can learn more about my story at these links:


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I really appreciate how much thought and preparation Sean put into the message he did for our students! He brought passion, insight, relevance, vulnerability and it all flowed from the text. Some people are just gifted by God to communicate His truth well, and Sean is one of those men!
— David Tate, High School Pastor Temple Bible Church
I’ve known Sean for over 10 years. We’ve planned many events together for both teenagers and adults. He always brings creativity to the planning, and energy to the stage. He’s great at communicating with people of all ages.
— Cody Pope, Former Youth Pastor and 20 Year Student Ministry Veteran
Sean is passionate about helping students to see Christ for who He is and what He can do in their lives.
— Travis Early, Youth Outreach & Events Pastor at First Baptist Church Elgin
As a new mom, Sean’s teaching made me completely rethink my relationship with my little ones. I’m so grateful for the Biblical truth he provided.
— Sarah Butler, Ministry Director of Communications at Hutto Bible Church
I have had the opportunity to listen to Sean speak at numerous Youth events over the course of the last seven or so years. Sean is a dynamic speaker, with a keen ability to engage the audience in both a personal and professional manner. His intellect, along with his creativity, has enabled him to speak to both youth and adults in a compelling and intriguing aspect.
— Tracy Goldfuss, 10 Year Student Ministry Volunteer at Hill Country Bible Church Pflugerville
I have known Sean since he was a pre-teen, when he first became a close friend of my son. His humor and enthusiasm are infectious, and he uses them skillfully in both his writing and speaking. Although quiet by nature, he comes alive when he can address his passions through those outlets. I look forward to seeing him bless others and wish him much success as he shares his unique and knowledgable perspective.
— Linda Butler, 15 Year Student Ministry Veteran
Sean has been one of my closest friends for over twenty years. We’ve worked together on countless projects, and I can’t get over how endlessly creative and passionate he is. He has an ability to quickly look at something, and immediately know how to make it 100 times better, which would probably make me jealous, if I wasn’t so impressed and grateful!
— Peter Butler, Friend & Colleague
I have known Sean for eight years, and worked especially close with him over the past three. I’ve heard him teach to all different ages, 8-80. And, no matter what, the way he communicates is effective and engaging. In the past three years, we have worked together to plan many things: multiple events for teenagers, an album, set lists, and worship band events. I have attended more events that he planned than I have helped him plan. With each event he plans, he gives 100% creativity, uniqueness, and passion.
— Sienna Paul, College Student
I have known Sean for seven years now, which extended into my early teenage years. His creative speaking style, partnered with his extensive knowledge, careful planning, and appropriate humor always kept me engaged in every sermon. Sean’s ability to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds never went unnoticed, as well as his passion for the subjects that he would cover. Sean is now someone I consider a friend who I was able to go to for advice, tough questions on the faith, and is a consistent mentor to all.
— Wesley Arroyo, College Student